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Spiritual Exercises

Spiritual Exercises in everyday life

The Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola are a creative and flexible programme of prayer and reflection centred on the life of Christ. They can be made as a 30 day retreat or in everyday life as described here.

The method for this retreat in daily life is described in the opening paragraphs of the Exercises, note number 19 – so it is often referred to as a “19th Annotation” retreat

Making the Spiritual Exercises according to the 19th annotation can help people to integrate prayer, life and work in a very direct way. Many have found that it is a particular help in finding God in all things.

People from very different backgrounds or Christian traditions have found benefit in making the Spiritual Exercises. Many see it as an opportunity to deepen their relationship with God. Others may make the exercises because they wish to make an important decision about their life direction. Others still come to them for less clear reasons, they just feel drawn to make them.

The person making the Exercises commits to pray and reflect for a certain amount of time each day and meet regularly with the retreat guide. These meetings usually take place once a week, at a time convenient to the retreatant and their guide over a period of between seven and 12 months. The retreatant shares with their spiritual director their experiences of the Exercises over the past week and the director then offers material for the coming week.

People often begin making the Exercises in Daily Life in the autumn, as this usually fits in best with the liturgical year. However, it is possible to begin the retreat at other times if a director has availability.

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An interview will then be arranged.

If you require further information about the exercises then please contact us at the ISC.

Please note: participation in the Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life requires regular meetings in Glasgow

The suggested donation is £550

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13-14 April 2019
10.30am – 4.30pm

A non-residential, individually guided weekend retreat in the Ignatian Spirituality Centre, Glasgow.
The retreat will include some input on prayer and space for prayer, quiet and creative reflection.
Participants will have the full use of the Centre's facilities. There is even time for a reflective walk to the River Kelvin (above)
There will also be individual accompaniment with a prayer guide.

Tea and coffee is provided. Please bring your own lunch.

Suggested Offering: £50. However, don't let money be a hindrance, just donate what you can afford.

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Accommodation in Glasgow

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