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Online 30-day Spiritual Exercises

Online Retreat

January 12 - February 12, 2024

Following successful online Zoom-based 30-day retreats in previous years, the ISC is again offering the individually guided Spiritual Exercises in online form in January 2024

This will allow you to take part in the full Spiritual Exercises alone in self-catering accommodation or even at home. 

To gain the full benefit from the Spiritual Exercises you will need to be able to dedicate yourself totally to the prayer and withdraw from daily life both from work and socially.
Realistically living in a family setting probably will not give sufficient space to enter deeply into the prayer experience. 
The expectation is that life during the retreat will be lived for the most part in silence. 
The daily routine of the 30-day retreat sees participants typically spending four or five periods of prayer of up to an hour each and sharing these daily online with the retreat guide.

For more than 450 years people have taken part in the Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius Loyola in order to devote time to Christ,
come closer to God, and discern their call in life.
Ignatius' Exercises in their traditional form, allows participants to let their lives interact with the life of Christ.
This process almost inevitably sees a deepening of Faith and personal commitment and relationship with God. 

Applicants should have experience of shorter silent retreats before this, and have experience of using Scripture for prayer.

Further enquiries can be made via email or phone.

We suggest an offering for this retreat of £600. Grants towards the cost may be available, but please apply early.

ISC is Registered Charity: SC040490 TRCP


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