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Adult Faith Formation

Mark Evangelist

The Gospel of Saint Mark

Dr. Catriona Fletcher and Dr. Anne Faulkner

Six Wednesdays from October 21, 2020 from 7pm - 9pm

An Online course which offers an overview of the early days of the Church which is of great interest to Christians today.

The Gospel of Mark is generally believed to be the first of the four gospels to be written. It was written for a community which was undergoing persecution and Mark wrote his gospel to help those facing  difficult and challenging times.

Mark portrays a very human face of Jesus. He shows us a suffering Messiah who knows all the emotions, pains and passions which are common to all human beings. In the Jesus of Mark’s Gospel, we have a friend and companion who can understand us whatever we are feeling because he has, himself, known those experiences too. Subsequent gospel may depict more the divine nature of Jesus but Mark shows us the man.

Discipleship is also a key element of  Mark’s Gospel. All Jesus’s disciples eventually desert him. Yet despite their human frailty, this failure is not the end; it does not thwart God’s plan. We can readily identify with these weak individuals and yet  find hope that, although we too often fail in discipleship, God will find a way to overcome our frailty and still call us to follow Christ.

Suitable for CPD course.

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Doctrine, Dogma and the Christian Faith

Dr. Catriona Fletcher and Dr. Anne Faulkner

Six Wednesdays from April 29, 2020 from 7pm - 9pm

It took the Church centuries to work out what it wanted to say about Jesus Christ, to define the doctrines about the Trinity, Mary the mother of Jesus and the Church itself.  The doctrines of the Church were discussed, discerned and argued about, sometimes quite violently.

We are dealing here with mysteries which can never be fully understood.  We never reach the stage of completely defining any mystery, let alone the mystery of God.  Nonetheless, each generation has the responsibility of trying to interpret the mysteries for their own time.

Over the six weeks of this course we shall look at the development of doctrine, beginning with Scripture, then moving on to the Church councils and beyond. 

Suitable for CPD course.

Suggested Offering: £100

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