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Resources for: A retreat for you at Home

Dear Retreat Givers,

Just a few thoughts and resources for you in leading a retreat at home.

The Process: People apply online via a booking form.
We pick one retreat giver and send you the contact details.
If you are happy to take the person on, then we ask you to contact the person to arrange a suitable day, time and application to connect on (Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp etc.). 

First Session:  We suggest you begin your first session by introducing yourself, and maybe telling them you are a trained spiritual guide.
Then ask them to tell you something about themselves.
Find out what they are hoping for from the retreat.
You could also find out their experience of retreats and of prayer.

With the above information you should know whether if you suggest they pray using lectio divina on a psalm they will know what you mean, or whether you need to introduce them to different ways of praying.

This retreat may pick up non-Christians or alienated Christians. For these people it would be good to see whether they would be happy praying with the Bible, or would prefer more neutral material such as stilling/awareness exercises and non-Scriptural meditations. (I gave a retreat to a Sikh once who was delighted to pray with the Bible, so don’t make too many assumptions – ask.)
The terminology you use may vary dependent upon the person’s background, but we are still looking for the action of the good and bad spirit, what brings consolation or desolation,
what brings life, encouragement, enthusiasm and what kills the spirit.

Hopefully the booking form will give you enough background to have some ideas of what you might suggest the retreatant does on the first day. The 'Beginning a Retreat' leaflet also gives some suggestions.   But please don’t work out a model four day retreat or six day retreat before you begin and give this regardless of what the person says to you. Follow as the Spirit moves you and respond to the person and their concerns. You can always take a quiet moment to think and pray for inspiration.

Particularly if your retreatant is a regular churchgoer, you may like to suggest that they add one of the many online daily services to their daily retreat schedule.


• We have a few general retreat resources to print or read online.

• YouTube videos and sound recordings made by the ISC to introduce, Lectio Divina, Imaginative Contemplation and the Examen.

• Personally I have found that many of the Tony de Mello meditations from ‘Wellsprings’ or 'Sadhana' work very well with non-practising Christians and people of other faiths.

• We also have a few Scriptural suggestions for prayer in the time of the Coronavirus.
  • Ezekiel 37: 1 - 10 'The Valley of the Dry Bones'.
    Psalms 23, 40, 42, 46, 121, 139.

If your retreatant doesn't own a Bible then they are available free online on Bible Gateway.

If the Retreatant is interested in the Prayer of the Church, then it is also available free online on Universalis.

What do they Know?
- What the retreatant has been told about the retreat is on This Page.

Supervision:  If you have a need for supervision during this retreat, then please contact: David Birchall,  Alison Moody, or try another member of our team, or your usual supervisor. etc

Donations: We are not making an fixed charge for this retreat so that it is open to all, but we will suggest a donation for those who can afford it.
We shall split the donations with the retreat givers.
It would be helpful if you could give us the names of those people who finish doing a retreat with you. 

May the Spirit be with you,

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PDF of PowerPoint slides
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