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Friday 25 - Sunday 27 May, 2018

The Helplessness of God

Nick King SJ

Nicholas King SJ

How to understand authority in the Christian communion.

One possible model is the divine helplessness, that puts itself in the hands of God’s beloved human race.

Three talks will be offered on a biblical understanding of authority:

- The helpless infant: Jesus in the infancy narratives

- Power and authority in Mark’s passion narrative

- Power and authority in the Resurrection

This Course of Fr. King is the Keynote Course in which all participants are invited to share.

The Post-Modern Church

Catriona Fletcher

Catriona Fletcher

Post-modernity: a gift to the Church

While Vatican II was urging the engagement of the Church with the modern world the tidal wave, that is postmodernity, was already gathering momentum. Opening up the question: How does a Church that is ‘one, holy, catholic, and apostolic’ engage with the celebrated diversity of the postmodern world?

As a result, in the postmodern, global context, the practice of Christian faith is a deliberative choice of a kind quite different from anything faced by earlier generations. It is here that Ignatius can get us thinking about ourselves in an entirely fresh but disarmingly simple way.

Going back to the taproot of our own personal call to mission we will explore the question of how the Church can engage with the postmodern world.

Christian Hope

Philip Harrison SJ

Philip Harrison SJ

Christian Hope today in the Book of Revelation

The Book of Revelation is perplexing when read for the first time but those who ponder its meaning discover a surprising message which is as relevant today as it was in the first century. Far from being a book which predicts the end of the world, it was written to generate hope in a Christian community corroded away by the indifference of society.
In this course we will examine some popular ideas about hope in the modern world before turning to the Book of Revelation to discover the ancient strategies its author used to generate a truly Christian hope. We will then apply what we learn to the social, ecological and religious crisis we face today.

Who am I to Judge?

David Birchall SJ

David Birchall SJ

Christianity and Sexual Orientation

The last 50 years have seen a massive change in the way people who do not consider themselves as heterosexual are viewed and treated in the West.
Christian churches have struggled to work out how far they should accept the changes in secular society, and how far they should stand out against them.
The three presentations of this course will consider the changes in society and its understanding and acceptance of sexual orientation; a look at what Scripture says about sexual behaviour and a consideration of the developments in the Catholic Church on this theme.

The Living Theology Course offers a weekend of serious, yet lively study on topics of interest relating to Scripture, religious tradition, faith, morals, history etc.
There are four courses available in lecture and seminar style.
This is very much a community event and open to all who are interested in Christian study.
No previous experience in theological study is necessary; the course is aimed at the intelligent non-specialist.


Friday 6.30pm – 9pm Saturday and Sunday 9.30am – 5pm


We suggest an offering of £45. If you find this too much, then please offer what you can afford.


This Course is non-residential, but hotel accommodation is available within three blocks of the ISC in Scott Street.

Four nearby hotels bookable online are the very basic Easyhotel, the simple Travelodge and the more upmarket, Doubletree by Hilton (formerly Glasgow City Hotel formerly Thistle Hotel) See link below for details:

Accommodation in Glasgow

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