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Fr. Nicholas King SJ

Facing Tribulation

What do we do when tribulation hits us?

A look at three possible suggestions from Scripture:

- You argue with God. (The Book of Job)
- You sing. (The Psalms)
- You attend a liturgical service. (The Book of Revelation).

Nick King, Jesuit priest and is tutor and fellow in New Testament Studies and Dean of Degrees in Oxford University.  He has worked for many years on Living Theology.

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Fr. Michael Smith SJ

Towards a New Heaven and a New Earth

This course covers ethics and morality in a changing world -- what does it mean to be a good person nowadays, and how do we work for the common good in a world dominated by large powerful organisations who may have very different ideas.

Michael Smith, is a Jesuit priest whose background is in science. He worked many years in education and formerly acted as Jesuit Superior in Glasgow. He currently works in adult education and with the Jesuit Refugee Service in London.

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Dr Catriona Fletcher
Practical Synodality

A short explanation of synodality in the Church and a practical consideration of three areas where this might be fruitful.

Catriona Fletcher
, gained a doctoral degree in the topic of ecclesiology at Durham University. She is currently Catholic Chaplain to Cornton Vale women's prison and Outreach worker at the Ignatian Spirituality Centre.

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