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Vison at La Storta

"I will be good to you in Rome"

St Peter's Basilica

St Peter's Basilica, Rome

The original simple furniture of St Ignatius' Room

Ignatius' Tomb in the Gesu

The tomb of St Ignatius in the Gesù

The Rome of St Ignatius Loyola: A Pilgrimage

15-20 October 2017 (Fully booked - waiting list only)

Visit the many sites in Rome associated with Saint Ignatius.
led by Fr David Birchall SJ

Following the success of the Pilgrimage to Ignatian Spain in 2016, we are now offering a visit to Ignatian Rome in 2017.
St Ignatius spent the last 15 years of his life in Rome as the leader of the new and rapidly growing Jesuit Order.
He moved around the city begging from the rich and giving to the poor. His offices still exist with the original furniture and some of his clothing. Many of the palaces and houses he visited are still standing. St Peter's was under construction in his time. The Papal Palace had recently been extended with the Borgia rooms (can be seen in the Vatican Museum). We shall also visit Ignatius' tomb in the Gesù Church.
There will be a prayerful element to this pilgrimage. We shall be celebrating the Eucharist in English in many of the famous sites, and there will be time and suggestions for prayer daily.

Our tour is expected to include:

  • Visit to La Storta Chapel of the vision with Mass (outside Rome)
  • St Mary Major Basilica where Ignatius celebrated his first Mass
  • Wednesday audience with the Holy Father
  • Mass in Ignatius' Rooms in the Gesù
  • Walking tour of Ignatian Rome
  • Visit to the two Basilicas of St Peter's and St Paul's Outside the Walls
  • The Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel

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Sistine Chapel

Sistine Chapel - painted during Ignatius' lifetime

Vatican Museum

Vatican Museum

Guided Tour of Ignatian Rome

Guided Tour of Ignatian Rome

Pieta in St Peter's

Pietà in St Peter's