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Retreats in Daily Life

Lent Retreat: Mondays beginning 12 February 2018

These retreats are for anyone who wishes to:

    • explore deeper connections between believing and living
    • discover different ways of praying
    • experience a deeper, personal relationship with God
    • find help when it is difficult to pray.

You are welcome whether you are a member of a church community or have no particular affiliation. The retreat is open and ecumenical.

No previous experience necessary.
Where you are is the only place to begin.


We meet as a group for an Opening Session in the Ignatian Spirituality Centre on Monday 12 February 2018 at 7pm for the Lent Retreat. Afternoon sessions are possible - please state your preference on the booking form.

This prayerful beginning will also deal with the practicalities of the retreat.

For the following weeks we invite you to commit yourself to a period of personal prayer each day. This will be talked through and agreed between yourself and your prayer companion.

Each person will have a prayer companion, available in the Ignatian Spirituality Centre on the following seven Mondays during the retreat at times agreed between yourselves.

The role of the prayer companion is to listen to and reflect with the person making the retreat. Help will be given on the focus and prayer material for the following week.

On the last Monday of the lent retreat 26 March 2018 we meet together in the Ignatian Spirituality Centre as a group at at 7 pm for the Closing Session.

Throughout the retreat, the ISC Chapel is available for prayer.

Suggested donation: £10 per week. However, don't let lack of funds put you off, donate whatever you can afford.

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