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Spiritual Conversation Course


2019/20 - Dates to be announced

The Spiritual Conversation Course is intended to enhance listening skills and awareness of God’s presence in the many contacts and conversations we have in our day to day lives. It is based in the Ignatian tradition, drawing its inspiration from the Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola.  As a broad-based course it is expected that participants will find different uses for what they learn. A significant part of the course will involve ongoing discernment for each person about whether, and in what ways, they are called to accompany others in faith.

Topics covered in the course

Module 1:  Introduction to Spiritual Conversation – Listening Skills.

Module 2:  Personal Prayer – Ways of Praying

Module 3:  Discernment according to St Ignatius.

Module 4:  Spiritual Conversation – Applications.

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