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Summer Retreats

Country Cottage

July and August 2021

All individually guided retreats involve seeing a retreat guide daily on Zoom or other mutually convenient platform. At the meeting you can share how your prayer has gone. The guide will suggest Scripture or other material for prayer if required. There will also be a chance to talk about ways of praying and issues of Faith.
These retreats are considered full-time. That is, they are a space for you to retreat from work and the cares of daily life and concentrate on prayer and a consideration of major issues of your life.
The expectation is that you will be able to spend between four and five periods of prayer daily of up to one hour each period.
This year we are running two slightly different flavoured individually guided retreats online.

Bespoke Individually Guided Retreats
Meet daily with a retreat guide. These retreats are of whatever length you choose.
Weeks Beginning:
2021: July 4 and 18 and August 1, and 15
Nb. Most retreats are now full, dates are removed as the retreats fill.

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Summer Six Day retreats
On these retreats there is a sense of praying with others. We meet together online at the beginning of the retreat.  You are also invited to join an online evening prayer each night.  This is all in addition to the daily meeting with the guide.
Retreats begin on:
2021: June 27, July 11, July 25, August 8 and August 22
Nb. Most retreats are now full, dates are removed as the retreats fill.

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Spiritual Exercises

Seaside (Iona)

June, September or other time

The full Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius of Loyola is a creative and flexible programme of prayer and reflection centred on the life of Christ. It can be made as a 30 day retreat or in everyday life.
Many see it as an opportunity to deepen their relationship with God. Others may make the exercises because they wish to make an important decision about their life direction. Others still come to them for less clear reasons, they just feel drawn to make them.
The person making the Exercises commits to pray and reflect for a certain amount of time each day and meet regularly with the retreat guide.
The retreatant shares with their spiritual director their experiences of the Exercises.

We offer three different ways of doing the Spiritual Exercises:

Residential 30-day Retreat

Online 30-day Retreat

Exercises in daily Life (19th Annotation)

Knowing Jesus


Any time in 2021

Fifty two meditations on the life of Christ.  Each one has a picture, music, a reflection and a Scripture reading, usually from the Gospels.
This retreat was first offered as Lent retreat for 2021,  but can fruitfully be done any time of year. 
Or even one meditation a week for the whole year.
The site offers helps for ways of praying.

This retreat can be done individually or you may like to form a group of friends or people from the local community to share the fruits of the prayer together.

Link to Onlineprayer.net

Mary in Scripture

Antonello da Messina

Any time in 2021

Get to know this fascinating woman from Scripture.  There are ten stories from the life of Mary in Scripture.   Each episode has a picture, music, a reflection and a reading from Scripture. 

We hope this retreat will be helpful both to those who have a devotion to Mary as well as those from traditions where she is less popular.
We hope to leave this retreat online for people to use at any time.

Come closer to God,
learn new ways of prayer, sort out life's priorities.

Open to all:  These retreats are open to anyone between the ages of 18 and 100, men or women, Christian, other religion or of no particular faith.

Time Commitment: Be realistic.  If you can put aside a week to dedicate to prayer, then an individually guided retreat would be good.  But if you are only likely to fit in one period each day, then the retreat in daily life would be your best bet.  Either way you will be given suggestions as to ways to meditate and ideas of things to pray about.

Guide's Role: Typically you will see the guide online for 30 and 45 minutes. They will listen to how things have gone with you, give you support, and make suggestions where necessary.  They are not there to judge you, or to try to get you to commit to any particular religion. The guide's role is to help you to profit from the retreat experience and get in touch with your own deeper desires and so find out what really brings you joy, freedom and best service of God and other.
The guide should not give advice, psychotherapy or counselling.

Initial contact will be made by email, then for the individually guided retreats we suggest either Skype, Zoom or whatever social media platform for face to face communication suits both you and the guide.

No Charge - Donation Basis:  With the exception of the full Spiritual Exercises, we are making no fixed charge for these retreats. However, we would appreciate a donation if you can afford it, which will be shared with your retreat guide. Sliding Scale As a suggestion, particularly for those who work full-time, you might be able to offer whatever you receive in pay for an hour of your time for each day you meet with a guide?  

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