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Through Lent with Ignatius of Loyola

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Vanquished in Pamplona
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Listening to sermons in Barcelona
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Visions in La Storta
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Ignatius the Pilgrim

A Lent retreat

A 16th Century soldier turned saint whose life is relevant and inspirational today.

Come with us on a journey through Lent with Ignatius of Loyola and see how his struggles and achievements form part of the common human search to understand self and live a fulfilling life.
It is 500 years since a cannonball shattered his dreams of fame and fortune and forced him to re-evaluate life. From the comfortable life of Spanish nobility he opted for a simple lifestyle of service to those most in need and devotion to Christ.

Each day of Lent we offer:

  • An episode in the life of Ignatius
  • A reading from Scripture
  • A picture to ponder
  • Music to inspire
  • A short reflection

Join us daily online and join a group weekly to share your exploration and prayer and if need be get help with the different ways of praying the materials.

There will be a live weekly prayer and review of the retreat every Friday at 2pm. 
This is particularly for those who are not a member of a weekly Lent prayer group.  
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How to Access the Retreat

The Lent retreat is available on the web - Click here to go directly to the retreat.

The Lent retreat is also available daily on Android or Apple apps.  Click below to get the Apps.

The Retreat is available in book form for the cost of postage - Send an email request. 
Books also available free in person from the ISC in Glasgow.

The book is also available in a PDF version - Click Here

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Join a weekly group for Lent

Sorry, now we are well into Lent these groups are now closed

You can join either a general mixed group or a more specific group.
Click below on a group you are interested in and then apply for the most convenient times. 
Each group has a leader who will arrange the exact times and give links to the meetings. 
The leader should also be able to help you with the prayer if you need it.
Although the material is only available in English we hope to form groups to share in different languages.

Clergy Group18-35 GroupLent group mixedLent Group WomenMen's Group
LGBT GroupItalian GroupIllness groupSpanish GroupBSL Group
Filipino GroupPorguguese GroupFrench Group
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