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Manresa and the Exercises

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Ignatius of Loyola in Manresa
4 December 2021 10.00-4.00pm
Javier Melloni SJ

This year we celebrate 500 years since the conversion of Ignatius of Loyola.  We shall travel to Manresa to look at his life experiences there and how they influenced the Spiritual Exercises. 
We shall look at his desolation, joy, visions, and lifestyle and see how he moved to spiritual maturity.  We shall also consider the relevance of his experience today.

Fr Javier Meloni is a Spanish Jesuit who lives in Manresa and will be assisted by Fr David Birchall SJ in Glasgow. 
Fr Javier is well known in the field of Ignatian Spirituality.

Fr Javier will offer three presentations:

1. The influence on Ignatius of Montserrat with its Medieval and Monastic Spirituality.

2. How the injury of Ignatius, both physical and psychic and the scruples he had in Manresa influenced the first week of the Exercises.

3. How the visions by the river Cardoner affected Ignatius' understanding of the working of the Spirit of God.

The day will be a mix of presentations, videos of the places associated with Ignatius in Manresa, sharing and discussions in groups and quiet reflection.

This Day will take place Online via Zoom.
For those who can afford we invite an offering of £25 but just offer what you can afford.

Talk 1

Talk 2

Talk 3

Beloved Sinners

Ignatius, Cameron and Julian

Beloved Sinners in Ignatius and Julian
26 February 2022,
Revd Cameron Abernethy

Cameron will lead us in this study day looking at the idea of sin and forgiveness in the writings of Ignatius of Loyola and Julian of Norwich.
As we compare and contrast Julian and Ignatius in how they saw sin and the beloved sinner, we shall notice the great similarities they had.
We shall have time to consider the relevance of these two great spiritual mystics to our own age.

Cameron is originally from Edinburgh, and is currently a priest in the Church of England serving in the North East of England.

Talk 1
Talk 2
Talk 3
Talk 4
Talk 5
Talk 6

Freedom and Imagination

SeagullsFreedom, Imagination and Magnanimity
28 May 2022,
Vron Smith

A look at key concepts of Ignatian Spirituality including Freedom, Imagination and Magnanimity.
We shall be studying in depth some of the most important concepts of Ignatian Spirituality with a particular emphasis on the Spiritual Exercises.

This will be a day with plenty of time for reflection and the interchanging of ideas, so learning from each other.

Vron works for the Jesuits in Britain leading workshops and giving retreats.

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Associates - Helpers of the ISC

The ISC relies on Associates who have been trained in the art of Ignatian Spirituality and have found an aptitude for helping others.
Many of our Associates have been trained here in Glasgow having done our courses in Spiritual Guidance and having had the experience of the Spiritual Exercises themselves. Some have been trained by the Epiphany group or have gone further afield.

We have Associates who specialise in giving one-to-one Spiritual guidance, while others help us leading groups in prayer or giving weeks of guided prayer in and outwith the Centre.  Recently too, our Associates have offered online-individually guided retreats.

All our Associates are people who are aware of God's great love for them, and wish to reach out to others to help them know God better and discern the movements of spirits in daily life.
We are always looking for new Associates, people who are open to training in living and working in the Ignatian way.

email Enquire about being an associate.

Individual supervision for those who offer spiritual accompaniment to others is available from the ISC.
We also offer group support. There are currently two support groups provided by the ISC.
One group is for people who are giving the full Spiritual Exercises in daily life (19th Annotation Retreat)

The other is group supervision with an exploration of topics relevant to spiritual accompaniment.
For details of either group:

email Contact Us.

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