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Mary in Scripture

Antonello da Messina Annunciation

What do we know from Scripture about the mother of Jesus? Get to know this fascinating woman through prayer. A series of ten prayer sessions with Scripture, Music, Pictures and Reflections.


Summer Online Retreats

house alone

Retreat to anywhere you can access the internet whether at home or in an isolated cottage and meet with your retreat-giver daily. 

From 3 to 30-days.


Journeying On

Journeying up Kilamanjaro

Journeying On is a brand new course.
This course is a continuation of our programme of Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living. The group will meet once a month for 10 months. This is a personal growth and development course. (Waiting List Only) 


GPRL (Fully Booked)

Two people on hill

Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living is an evening, and occasional Saturday, online course from the ISC. It is an introduction to the spirituality of St. Ignatius Loyola. 
A programme of personal growth and prayer for all Christians of whatever denomination or non-affiliated. 

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Residential Retreats


6-day retreat
September 2021

Individually guided retreat in Minsteracres Passionist Centre, Northumberland,  England.



30-day retreat
 26 June - 30 July 2022

The full Spiritual Exercises of Saint Ignatius in his home town of Loyola, Spain.  Individually guided, silent retreat in English in the Jesuit Spirituality Centre of Loyola.



3-8-day retreats
28 June - 7 July 2021
Cancelled due to Covid Restrictions.

Individually guided, silent retreats in Drumalis House, Larne, Northern Ireland. 


Spiritual Exercises

19th Annotation
Spiritual Exercises in Daily Life

Available throughout the year; though many start in the Autumn. An individually guided version of the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius offered in daily life, usually with weekly meetings with the retreat guide.

More details of 19th annotation retreat


The Full Spiritual Exercises Online

30-day retreat (now fully Booked)

27 June - 27 July 2021

Choose your own location to do the Spiritual Exercises and see a guide each day on Zoom.


Ignatian Pilgrimage


In the Footsteps of Ignatius

27 July - 3 August 2022

A twin centre pilgrimage staying in
Loyola and Montserrat.

Visiting, Loyola, Azpeitia, Azkoitia, Pamplona, Manresa, Montserrat and Barcelona.
Twin rooms still available.
2021 Pilgrimage Cancelled due to Covid restrictions.


Ignatian Spirituality

Inigo What is 'Ignatian Spirituality'?

Named after Ignatius of Loyola, Ignatian Spirituality is a grounded Christian spirituality which seeks to find God in all things, all times and all places.
It is to be found principally in the Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius, and as well in his writings, letters, and Constitutions of the Society of Jesus.


Growth in Prayer and Reflective Living

September 2021 - May 2022

Online introductory course to Ignatian Spirituality with a weekly evening meeting, helping you develop a spirituality that helps to find God in the world around us.


Journeying On

A new course which follows on from the GPRL programme.
It is a personal faith development programme.
This course begins in September 2021 and is online for 2021-22, and meets once a month.


Spiritual Conversation Course

September 2022 - May 2023
Develop the skills to enter into conversations on life, death, joy, illness, relationships, God and the spiritual side of life.


Online Spiritual Accompaniment Course

September 2021 - May 2022

A training course of those who wish to offer spiritual accompaniment in the Ignatian Tradition.


Training Days

For those involved in Spiritual accompaniment and retreat giving

Manresa and the Exercises

4 December 2021
Fr. José de Pablo SJ

In this celebration of 500 years since the conversion of St Ignatius we shall be leading your through the sites of Manresa to see how his few months in this town taught him, through suffering and despair, to create the spiritual programme we now know as the Spiritual Exercises. A programme which celebrates the joy and consolation of following Christ.


Beloved Sinners

26 February 2022
Revd. Cameron Abernethy
We are led on a journey of contrasts, looking at the concept of sin and forgiveness in the writings of Julian of Norwich and Ignatius of Loyola.


Understanding Faith


Living Theology 2022

We hope to present Living Theology in 2022 both as an online course and in house.
Speakers, topics and dates will be announced early in 2022 - watch this space.

Living Theology 2021

The 2021 Living Theology is now available as a free Catch-Up Online Course to study whenever you like.
Mercy and Solidarity
Michael Kirwan SJ

God and Creation
Nicholas King SJ

Love as Neighbour
Dr. Jan Jans


Living Theology 2020

The 2020 Living Theology is now available as a free Catch-Up Online Course to study whenever you like.
The Last Supper Today
Fr. Michael Smith SJ

A Synodal Church?
Dr Anne Faulkner

Feeling our Way to God
Fr. Eric Studt SJ


Shorter Events


Days of Prayer and Reflection

Contemplative Photography

11 September 2021
with Helen Gibson

A day of reflection and prayer helped by photographs taken by Helen and participants.


Angels from on High  

27 November 2021
with Jane Mackichan

A creative day of reflection and prayer with Angels from the Bible and in the Celtic tradition.


Friday Prayers - Online

Online Zoom prayer together in the time of Covid-19 every Friday @ 2pm -  recommences 3rd September


Men's Group - 8.00pm

A supportive group of men meet on the first Monday of every month except July & August.
Currently Online




Support Groups:

There are a number of support groups based in the ISC Glasgow for those who are offering spiritual accompaniment or giving the Spiritual Exercises to others.


Spiritual Accompaniment

Individual spiritual accompaniment is offered in the tradition of St. Ignatius Loyola. Not advice giving, but helping you reflect on where God is working in your own life.


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